MY IT WORKS TEAM ~ I am Thankful for each and every one of them!

Meet Roxanne

We met at a mutual friend's networking lunch and the rest is history.  She has grown her business and built a great team!  She leads her team with positive energy!   This woman has a beautiful energy that lights my heart!  I am so proud of her success and thankful for her friendship!   Roxanne recently relocated to Florida and is ready to take her business to a Whole 'Notha Level!

My It Works! Family

Meet Dotty

We'd known each other for a few years, because she works at my son's school.  She admittedly stalked my facebook page for nine months before approaching me about a wrap party, which turned into a launch party!  She has an amazing spirit and her positivity is inspiring!  Dotty is such a dedicated and inspiring Leader and her team is on fire!  I am so blessed to have this woman in my life.  

Meet Joy

We'd met several years ago and became fast friends.  She is the owner of a successful business, The Dance House, in Edison NJ.    She joined my team because she LOVES our products!  She has a heart of gold and brings joy to everyone she meets!  She is growing her ItWorks! business and I'm so happy to see her take her business to a whole 'notha level!   Her team is growing and changing lives along the way!  I love that one of my closest friends is on this amazing journey with me!

I Have So Many More Team Members to add...come back soon!

Meet Jenny

We were Girl Scouts together when we were 10!  We  lost touch after High School then reconnected on facebook.  I'm so glad that she followed my posts and reached out to try that crazy wrap thing!  She joined my team after becoming a Loyal Customer.  I am so excited for her future!  She is determined to grow and is working her business by wrapping the world!  Jenny is our Bi-lingual team member and in the true spirit of One Team One Mission, she gladly assists our team.  She is growing her team and is am amazing leader!  Her honesty and kindred spirit make my heart smiIe!  

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is doing an amazing job wrapping the world!  She is goal oriented!  Originally from New Jersey, she recently relocated to New York and blitzing up her new neighborhood!  She inspires me with her new hobby of running 2-5k races!  She is a prime example of "when you Work It - It Works"!  So excited for her future!